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10 Effective Ways of Improving your Local SEO

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Local SEO is required for your smaller businesses and is different from that used for the national business. SEO is focused more on getting a better rank in the search result pages in the country, and local SEO focuses on being appeared on SERPs in a selected and specified location. This plan relies on your brand, product, and services marketing to the leads and customers based locally.

Below provided are the top 10 methods that can help you in making your local SEO success.

1. Creating a Google My Business Account

Having a business account on google and optimizing your Business Profile, that is your Google is considered to a significant step in ranking higher on Google Maps. It is also effective in gaining visibility in Search engine result pages. There, for optimizing your Business Profile on Google, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Make a Google My Business account and confirm the business ownership
  • Update your Google account with necessary and proper information
  • Make sure that you have added your business logo, hours of working, acceptable modes of payment, information on the product or service you provide, and sufficient images samples on your business profile
  • Ask your customers to leave a review of your business after they have availed of your product
  • Engage and respond to your customer reviews on a frequent basis
  • Use the Google My Business dashboard on your business profile to publish public posts about newly added products, upcoming events, and special discounts.

2. Better and Frequent Reviews from Satisfied Customers

If your happy customers leave good-ended reviews on your business profile, it not only boosts your visibility on Google My Business but also leads more and more local customers to avail themselves and shop from you. Many surveys claim that 85% of the customer reviews online help in forming a better customer base.

Some vital tips to encourage your customers for leaving a review are as follows:

  • After a sale, kindly ask them for a review
  • After the purchase has been processed, send an email or text to your customers asking them to write a review. However, before doing so, make sure that the customer is satisfied with your goods or service.
  • Make sure to be kind and professional when responding to your existing customer reviews of thanks, good or bad reviews, complaint reviews, etc.

3. Boosting the Voice Search

Voice search tends to grow quickly in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is vital for the local SEOs in optimizing the questions that people ask and the way they ask on their devices, which is different from searching by type.

It is noticed that the customers who use when doing voice searches tend to use long-tail keywords more, which is not the same when they search by type. Taking this into consideration, when enhancing the voice search feature, the SEO needs to essentially take care of the conversational tone of your customer. the SEO of your content to fit the more conversational tone of someone speaking. You need to keep the common version of questions in your account like, how, who, why, etc.

4. Creating Content that is Based on News and Events from the Local

Some of the tips to include contents directly related to a local problem are:

  • Creating a blog with content based on local news, events, activities, or practices
  • Making of video content on local based charities for supporting your business
  • Creating webpages that specify the location on your website for expanding its reach on different regions

5. Optimization of Website for Mobile View

There has been a major shift from desktops and laptops to mobile phones says a study that was run in the year 2018. The jump in the mobile visits on websites grew faster than was expected.

This is a sign that you need to enhance your website for mobile phones in order to stand at the top of local SEOs

Some of the tips to get this are:

  • To make sure that your website opens quickly as no one likes to wait longer and will shift to a different website that has a faster loading time
  • Using a bigger and clearer font size makes it easy for the visitors to read
  • Having high-quality images on the website
  • Having a great UI and UX design

6. Having a sharpened Google’s Local Keywords is helpful in helping you filter the keyword searches on a specific location to form an idea of the most searched words or terms in a specific region. This helps you in creating a list of relevant keywords in the local that can be targeted at.

7. Creating an “About Us” page that has a Specified Location

Having a location-specific page is important for your business if there are different locations in one area. These location pages need to include:

  • Hours of working
  • Name, address, contact number
  • Descriptions
  • Testimonials and customer reviews
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Availability in Parking
  • Each location page having an attached Google map

8. Online Business Directories and their Advantages

The Online business directories websites help in getting a business name, an address, and a phone number that helps in visibility, and also enhances your local SEO.

Your company profile on Google must include the following:

  • Proper business name, address, and contact number across the directories
  • A website backlink
  • An informative website description of your business and the goods and services you are offering

9. Creating Good Backlinks (or link signals)

Here is a list of tips to create good quality backlinks:

  • Generating good quality content on your website so that others can link to your content
  • Having a guest blog on popular sites
  • Engaging with local social media influencers to getting them linked to you

10. Creating Different Webpage for Every Product and Service That You Are Offering

It is not recommended to put all your products and services together on an individual page. Instead, Try designed one page for each of the products and services that you offer. This is because the search engines pages do not show a brand that has all its products lumped on one specific page. This is something that will possibly lower your ranking.

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