Nine ways that you use if you want to get the best Mobile App Development services

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Logicsminder for many years has been considered among the top app development agencies in the online world. We advise you to avail of the mobile app development services and application development services that our company proffers, this is what you exactly need. Having said that, we are well aware that how difficult it becomes to choose an app development company as this is not something you do on a regular basis.  This is why we have made a blog here that has nine segments that will answer your questions and will help you to make a decision for availing of the best mobile app development service. 

When you short listed the app developers, conjecture them about the below provided nine questions that we have already answered for you in this blog. This is what you need to choose the right agency. Begin with asking all these questions to your chosen app development company. If you find satisfactory answers, then you have found the right company.

  1. What are some of the samples of mobile apps that you have previously developed?

Any app development agency’s portfolio is its best proof of skills. Before hiring an app development service, take a close look at the design and at the development strength of the app. Design along with a great user experience is what makes the users attracted to your app. Logicsminder’s portfolio of apps is available and you can get it anytime you want. 

  1. Can I see some references from your earlier clients?

It is crucial to check the works of the previous clients and know if they were satisfied with the company or not. The company should be able to provide you with a few real reviews from their earlier clients they worked with. Logicsminder has a different section that covers up all the reviews and testimonials from our potential clients, and you can see them on our website itself. Our website reviews are verified by our phone, which means that any person who wrote a review gets an authenticity confirmation of that review.

  1. How can we keep on communicating with you during the process of development?

Only communication can make any project a successful one. In Logicsminder, once we have started with our client’s project, we connect them directly with our project management. They are then connected to everyone namely the managers, designers, writers, marketers, and developers. During the design stage, you get to see every update of work on a regular basis. Nothing goes hidden from your eye. You have the facility to respond to our team real time and suggest any changes you like. During the stage of development, you not only stay in contact with the team but also connect your phone to the server for testing. 

  1. Will I be able to own the app code?

Yes, of course, you will. We are an authentic company and we do not force you to pay an extra amount for owning the app code as this is your app and your code and it makes no sense if you don’t own the app code.

  1. How can I make money with my app?

This is actually the most necessary question you need to ask yourself even before starting with the app, and the app development service you choose should be able to answer this too. Creating an app is the starting of a business. If you are not aware of making a profit from it, then it is just a hobby. There are three ways to make money with your own app. 

First, charge a fee if any one wants to download the app. 

Advantage: you get money every time a user downloads your app. 

Disadvantage: people are not willing to make a payment for an app before they use it. 

The second is making the app free to download, but charging the user for unlocking some specific content or features. 

Advantage: you have more number of people who will download the app as it is free. 

Disadvantage: However, only a small number of users will finally pay for the app. 

The third way is to display ads in your app. 

Advantage: you have any number of users, and every content is unlocked too. 

Disadvantage: the app experience goes away as the users may be irritated by ads. If it is set up in the wrong way, you might end up having bad reviews for the app.

  1. How to test my app?

Testing is a necessary ingredient in the process of Mobile App development. After we have started with the development, we test your app throughout. And at the end of the development stage, we keep a separate time for testing only. Throughout the phase of development, you are allowed to download the app and have a look at the latest version by yourself.

  1. Will Can I submit my app to the different app stores?

An app development company should help you in submitting your app to different app stores. However, they also need to make sure that the app is approved. If the submission does not happen, your app does not show to anyone. However, Logicminder makes sure to submit the app for you. 

  1. Do I have to pay the full amount at once?

NOt at all, our payment method is divided into parts. For example, when we start with the design, you pay only for the design. After you approve the design, you pay for the design next step after that Once the final design is done and you have approved it, the actual development process starts. Even at this time, you only pay for 75% of the development price. The remaining 25% will be paid the final app is approved by you. 

  1. Can I talk with you in person for discussing about the app?

The best way to describe about your app is to talk about it in person. We have our clients from all across the globe, but our office address is mentioned in our page, so you can visit us anytime. 

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