A Detailed Guide of the Website Development Process

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If you have started with a new business and now you are required to create a business website from scratch, it is obvious that you feel overwhelmed by the entire process. If you are looking for someone who is wanting to develop and design a website, then you come landed in the right page. In this blog post, we will share with you the complete process of the website development process in a step-by-step manner.

Before choosing an agency and hiring a web developer for your business website, make sure you know about the website development process. Below provided are the eight steps that will help you understanding better.


A well comprehensive research is the first and foremost step to do, to begin with, the web development process for your business. There are two types of websites namely, the static and the dynamic that can be built for your business website. A static website, as the name suggests, is a website that has a number of web pages that are fixed and it cannot be changed even if that website comes across various engagement and interaction; hence, static. Whereas, on the other hand, a dynamic website is just the opposite of a static website and is a more interactive one. A dynamic website is recommended for your business because of its unique elements that help in improving the entire user experience.


A website development planning is not just a temporary or a short time planning but is a plan that involves long term plan of technologies, hosting CMS, and other elements required in the process. At first, you are required to decide the type of website you want to plan for, that is, static or dynamic. Depending on the type you choose, you have to accordingly choose the specific technology that will enhance your website performance. A suggested option is WordPress CMS with good cloud hosting that helps in giving the best performance. If you are choosing a static website along with shared hosting, it will be sufficient for your website for providing your customers with descriptions of your products and services.


Choose the option of CMS, if you are looking forward to a quicker website launching also at a very low cost. Among the most powerful CMS, stands WordPress, which is a  free and an open source software. WordPress’s best feature is its personalization option and its option of integrating the different third party services if required.


When you are creating a website from the bottom, and you are not using CMS, you need to have a better understanding of the flow that can be done by designing the outline. The web designers you have selected can design sample wireframes for your business so that you form a rough idea of how your final website would look like. It is important for your website to look appealing to your visitors so that you draw maximum leads. This can only be done if you get hold of a creative and skilled designer who will create a professional website for you.

Main Development

After the design is completed, now is the time to start with developing your website so that your imagined website design can now actually be a full fledged website. In the process of website development, your web developer makes use of the technologies that have been specifically stacked for your website. Developers start with the custom code from the beginning to create your website and make sure that it will give flawless interaction and performance. A smooth performance will only take place when the front page of your website works coordinated with the backend functions. The developers make use of the sitemap that has been previously kept for creating the web pages and the required elements.

Content Development

One cannot deny the fact that content is the king of any website. After you have completely designed and developed your website, it is now the right time to create unique and accurate content. By unique content, we mean to say non plagiarised and fresh content so that you don’t get barred by search engines. You will only go through difficulties and not any benefits if you copy content from different websites for using it on your own website.

Website Testing

Testing of the Website is an important task that the designers and developers need to run on your website. This is because the entire focus goes onto the all over website usability by the search engines for the best user experience. If there is a bad user experience and the users are not able to use the site without any problem, there will be an increase in the bounce rate, which hampers your website and other SEO practices.

An all Over Maintenance

After you have created the website, you have only completed one job. After the web development process, comes the process of website maintenance, which is a completely different thing. With the rapid change in search engine algorithms, you need to change and update your website time t time by following the trend. In the process of maintenance, the web developers ensure that your website and all its features are efficiently doing their work online. Some of the things that the developers should take complete charge of and check are broken backlinks, the speed of your website speed, design, the performance of UX, and others.

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