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The services we provide for mobile app developmentmobile app development are end-to-end development for mobile applications. It deals with all kinds of UI/UX design, analysis for business, testing of mobile application publication of online The mobile app development team at Logicsminder helps in achieving success with our development services. The mobile app experts working for us have years of experience. They provide efficient help to all the businesses in the development of the mobile applications.

With years of abundant experience in mobile app development in guiding and aiding different industries and businesses, we successfully promote growth with mobile applications. Our mobile app consulting includes Research of device compatibility, development of MVP and PoC , improving mobility features, performing new ideas for apps are the consulting that are app development runs.



Mobile Consultation

It is advised to get expert consultation about ideas on how mobile solutions can be improved and also how one can a fully new app. We have competent and experienced mobile developers and business analysts that have worked with various industries. They will help in consultations of mobile applications and fixing issues that may arise, such as technological complexities, feasibility, compatibility in device and platform, competitiveness in the market, budget-cutting and cost, etc.

Additional information can also be provided about the reusing of code and also backend functioning and UI/UX compatibility.


Consulting specialists at Logicsminder go through the process of research, compares your business requirements with the results of research, look for improvements in the existing app, and provides a solution for your mobile for addressing your business needs and problems.


Our 10 Years Experience Make A Different Business Agency Services.

The major solutions that our mobile app consulting specialists provide are

Mobile App Design Services

Research and Analysis

Other than being a designing company of mobile apps, Logicsminder is a completely developed software development company too that keeps sufficient knowledge of the entire application development industry. Our researchers and business analysts are the roots of developing designs for mobile app keeping in mind the specifications and requirements of the customers.

Customer satisfaction

In spite of being a very confident team having sufficient talent and knowledge of design, we give full openness to our customers’ point of view in case they want to make changes. Customer feedback is always welcome to us so as to create the best of mobile application design that provides 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX design specialists ensure that that the design has relevance with your brand image and has appropriate font size, color, fonts, and graphical images. We are always open to customize or redo your image if you want to make changes or put in your creativity for a better visuality of your mobile app. Our design team is no less in coming up with quirky design ideas for your brand.

The wireframes and the sketches we make are easy to use and follow and it is the priority for our UI/UX design specialists to sketch frames and outlines that are user friendly, keeping in mind the user’s reaction to touch.


  • Decades of experience in mobile applications
  • A big team of mobile experts on board
  • Extensive management of quality system
  • Holds certifications for valued service
  • Security of information guaranteed
  • Cost effective
  • Speedy services
  • Experience in development methods
  • Professional in CI/CD and DevOps

Logicsminder welcomes all sorts of mobile application development that includes conversion from website to application, the realization of the original concept, reactivation of the existing code. It covers every stage of mobile application development and provides services both as a full-cycle mobile app development service and as a stand-alone service giving you a 360 degree development of mobile applications